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The Numbers

Lets take a deeper dive into how these policies deliver results!

Take a look at these videos & visit our educational YouTube Channel to learn more

High Cash Value
Whole Life Insurance

The wealthy  often use whole life insurance, but their main objective is really around the cash value. We design policies how the rich, banks, and corporations use cash value life insurance. This video walks through the difference of "traditional" whole life, low cash value, and this "unique" approach designed for max cash value. Although this is "what the wealthy do" these policy designs scale up and down in size, so anyone can implement the same strategy at your personal comfort level. Anyone with any money can grow their wealth with this strategy and we can help!

YouTube link for High cash value whole life explanation

Real Estate Investors
& Whole Life Insurance

Real estate investors successfully use whole life insurance to enhance their real estate portfolio, provide flexibility, and control over "being your own bank." The main reasons investors use high cash value whole life to enhance their portfolio is:

  • It is a Safe, Liquid, & Tax-Free area to position your wealth/cash

  • You can access your cash value similar to a checking account & leverage it with a 3rd party lender with ease & attractive rates 

  • You do not need to wait for a lender to approve a loan

  • The money is always compounding at 3-5% (we can show you how it can effectively grow in two places at once, even if you have pulled a loan!)

Business Owners, Corporations, & Key Person Insurance

Learn how to retain and reward top talent while also benefiting your business or a corporation!


These are often referred to as "golden handcuffs" which can provide employees a retirement benefit  of cash distributions for ~20 yrs or some time period, if certain obligations are met for the business or corporation. The most common reason is the employee staying on board with the company for some committed amount of time (5, 10, , 20, etc years).


The company gets the benefit of holding the policy / cash value as an asset on their balance sheet & they can share the benefit of the cash value distributions and death benefit for cost recapture, depending upon how you want to structure it. If the employee leaves, they do not get the retirement cash distribution benefits, and the company can transfer the policy to another individual.

How much tax free income can I take from my max cash value whole life policy? $700k in, take $2.2M

In this video we will talk about how to "sail off into the sunset" with taking income from your maximum cash value life insurance policy. We can do this without triggering any taxable events, and you can take income on many times more money than you have put in! We can do this by withdrawing up to your cost basis and then switching to loans that we do not worry about servicing the interest. The policy compounding growth snowball is so big, we don't have to worry about it. We go through different hypothetical scenario's comparing fixed & variable loan interest rates, plus the consideration of direct & indirect recognition.

Advantages of 3rd Party Lines of Credit with your Policy

There are good reasons to consider a 3rd party line of credit utilizing your cash value as collateral for a bank loan/LOC. These can be enticing to provide lower interest rates, higher LTVs, and "get around" direct recognition treatment of your dividends on loaned funds. This is particularly interesting for real estate investors that will utilize their cash value loans to redeploy into assets and want to maximize the arbitrage. There are some key nuances and considerations to be aware of such as credit impacts, creditor protection, flexibility loss, etc so please watch to find out more! 

Legacy Planning: Trusts & High Cash Value Whole Life Insurance to fund future generations!

In this video we cover the very basics of wills, types of trusts, and how high cash value whole life can help fund your family legacy for future generations. Most family money does not last 1 or two generations, but with whole life policies taken out on new generations of family members when they are born the compounding effect over time can create a substantial amount of death benefit that is paid back to the trust (the trust is the beneficiary) to help ensure the continuity of the family legacy.


The Rockefellers have utilized high cash value whole life to ensure their family trust has not only survived but prospered for multiple generations, when other very well known families have lost all their money in one or two generations.


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