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High Cash Value

Whole Life Insurance

Learn how YOU can utilize Cash Value Whole Life Insurance to grow your wealth and enhance your investment portfolio

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About Us

Learn how this is different from a "traditional" whole life policy

Cash Value
Whole Life


When policies are designed correctly, it provides a safe, liquid, &  tax-free area to position and grow your wealth.

How does it work?
  1. Selection - we prefer to partner with one of the 4 major mutual insurance companies with proven performance of cash value growth
  2. Design - Minimum policy premium
  3. Design - Maximize riders that allow for cash value

Why do real estate investors utilize High Cash Value Whole Life Insurance? 

By pairing real estate investing & Cash Value Whole Life, you can access your cash value and re-leverage from your policy into real estate investments.

The real estate as well as your policy continues to grow in effectively two places at once

Your money is always compounding at 3-5%

You do not need to wait on banks to approve loans and can easily & quickly access your money for a deal

Why do business owners & high net worth families use high cash value whole life?

Business owners & high net worth families can utilize this asset as a place to position wealth as a growing asset on their balance sheet, while also having the death benefit to flow back to their business, family, or trust income tax free.

Businesses can utilize for key executive/employee retention as "golden handcuffs" that allow for future employee supplemental retirement plan distributions if tenure or performance metrics are achieved. 

Business owners can utilize as key person insurance to deal with spouse payouts with death benefit in case of business partner passing or in case your business relies heavily on key people, to help pay for significant costs of replacing and training someone new.



As investors and business owners, we have personal experience in first hand investing knowledge utilizing these strategies to enhance our own portfolio. We aim to help our clients through transparent alignment of policy design leveraging our own personal experiences. We always put the clients needs first. 

Customer Service 

We  stand out with spectacular service to make the entire application process convenient, easy, AND continue the relationship after the policy is in place.


We go above and beyond by providing personalized informational content to answer all your questions, resources for information, and fast responses.

Training & Expertise

We utilize the best training programs & resources in the industry to ensure we are more than equipped to provide the best options and awareness to our clients. 

Why Us

Tommy Parisi -

"Confident Referral: my guy, Nash Anderson … was and continues to be a phenomenal asset to me for all things Insurance related. I would highly recommend that you contact him as one of your brokers that you interview."


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